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The Irony? I don't even drink coffee.

Yes, it's tea. The cafe, it's location, and the weather that day were incredible. The afternoon exploring Astoria, Oregon was just one of the many adventures that have shaped my worldview and my writing style. Whether catching a tuktuk in Bangkok, taking pictures from the top of the Eiffel Tower, or hiking on Komodo Island, I have always been aware of the importance that life experiences play in expanding perspective and gaining knowledge.  My observations continuously influence both my creativity and commitment to my work.

-- Leslie Vernon


Role & Function.


Technical Writer

Synthesizeing, simplifing, organizing, and translating  information is at the core of technical communications. Knowing and utilizing the strengths of the audience is an essential skill for a technical writer. My goal is to make complex concepts easier to understand, and to build a better user experience.



A fundamental understanding of  clients and their products is crucial for creatively promoting brand awareness and value. For me, it's all about developing content that appeals to the human nature of the customer, and messaging that implies a quick call to action resulting in a positive decision.


Narrative Storyteller

People are inherently wired to enjoy a good story. Weaving a well-crafted narrative can powerfully communicate  client values, allowing the customer to identify with the personal significance of the theme. Marketing communicators, like me, build these stories to facilitate deeper connections between customers and products.

Role and Functon



About Me.

I'm a life-long learner


In the classroom.

My passion for writing began at a young age, and I had read most of Stephen King's books by the 7th grade. At Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida I completed an Associates Degree in Journalism. I had lofty goals of working for National Geographic or Rolling Stone...who knows, there's still time. Working to earn a BA from the University of Central Florida was a journey of self discovery. I graduated in 2023 from the College of Arts and Humanities, with a major in Technical Communications. This degree, and diverse career path, is a continuation of my lifelong exposure to design, copy writing, and marketing.

In my travels.

Traveling is one of the most powerful ways to expand critical thinking, evolve adaptability, and enhance creative problem-solving. Working through the challenges of language, culture, and attitudes changes the way you look at yourself and your own foundations. If you are offered, eat it. If you have questions, open a dialog. If you aren't understood, try again. My wanderlust has taken me all over the world and allowed the exploration of my strengths and weaknesses, and the further development of my practical mentality.

In professional interactions.

If communication is the lock, the act of listening is the key. Tuning in to people is the best way to fully comprehend their needs. Using your intuition and taking the time to be observant of situations can cultivate understanding and nurture trust with both coworkers and clients.  Years of experience working in team settings has strengthened my down-to-earth nature, and getting to know clients is a part of my creative process. I believe in being respectful, yet assertive, when debating a point while always having the facts and doing the research to support your position.

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